5 Reasons Why This Electric Golf Cart Heater Is Better Than Propane

For the most dedicated golfers, the cold of winter isn’t off limits to get to the course and practice their game. Others who don’t play still need to use their cart to get around during colder months. Until recently, the options to heat one’s cart with an enclosure have been limited.

That’s not ideal.

While propane heaters put out a lot of heat, they are incredibly unsafe to operate with an enclosure and increase the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Electric heaters are clearly safer but are more expensive and can quickly drain the battery.

So what’s the best heater for a golf cart? Propane heaters or electric heaters?

We looked at the differences between propane and electric heaters to find the best choice without draining the battery or the bank account. Stick around and we will show you why The Golf Cart Heater is the best solution for year-round cart comfort.

If you want to jump right in and see for yourself, head directly to the Golf Cart Heater product page.


The cost and danger associated with burning propane is a reality that must be considered when choosing a golf cart heater. Over time and with repeated use, the cost of propane does add up. And battery consumption is a reality too, and The Electric Golf Cart Heater won’t leave you stranded with its built in power-saving features.


No one can safely recommend using a propane heater inside of a golf cart enclosure as the burning gas emits dangerous fumes including carbon monoxide, which can lead to sickness or death. With an electric golf cart heater, you can safely throw on the enclosure with peace-of-mind and eliminate the risks that propane heaters cause.


The biggest drawback to traditional electric golf cart heaters is the battery drain. Playing a full round of golf can be quickly cut short when your cart dies, leaving you stranded. The Golf Cart Heater has new advanced electronic power saving features to minimize the drain and maximize the heat. The best of both worlds. And you don’t have to worry about get stranded, as the heater automatically powers off when the batteries are low.


For most of us, propane heaters only work a few months out of the year. Only in the cold.

The Electric Golf Cart Heater is not just a heater. It also doubles as a fan to cool you off during hot summer months. This allows you to use it all year. The high-quality brushless fan moves an incredible amount of air for its size, which makes a big difference on hot, humid days, all with the same power saving features as the heater modes.


Get two heaters for the price of one. For double the heat, the included wiring harness has connections for both heater units. With two units installed, you can have hot air for you and your passenger. This also heats the cart up faster. And if you’d like to give one away, just include an extra harness to your order and give the gift of year-round comfort to a friend or loved one.

We hope that you found value in this article and have confidence that you will be happy with The Golf Cart Heater. Try one now risk-free for 30 days, and if you decide not to keep it, just send them back to us for a full refund.

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