Don’t let the cold weather stop you.

Golf deserves to be played all year long. We’re golfers too. That’s why we’re committed to preventing “golfer hibernation” and intend on doing so without using heaters that omit fumes and have to be lit like a stove from the 1920s.

Messing with flammable gas that I have to repurchase for every round of golf? No, thank you.

The Golf Cart Heater is proudly made in the USA from recycled plastic. Based out of North Texas, it is our mission to bring that Texas heat to golfers all around America – even in the heart of winter.

Make it easy.

The alternatives are not worth it. Freezing cold hands, and those little handy warmers are fun for a few minutes, but they only do so much … unless you have the hands of a gerbil.

The Golf Cart Heater is a simple, worry-free installation. Right into your cup holder! Oh, and by the way, it also doubles as a fan for the warmer months. Consider it an early birthday gift from us to you.

Talk to real people.

We would love to hear from you if we can help you in any way. You won’t get an automated message from some corporate call center, either. Just real people.